Category: Dispatches

  • Lightly Cooked / Thoughts on Learning

    Anna and I relaxed some today. For lunch Anna lightly cooked some carrots, potatoes, and Kohlrabi. Then she put some herbs on them and fried them in a pan. I fried two pieces of salmon after soaking up the moisture with paper towels. It was good. In the evening Anna filled three Topaz apples with […]

  • I’m Only Not Happy When it Rains

    My girlfriend and I stayed at home last night, since we were both tired and needed some peace. I’m glad we did, because we woke up well rested and got a bunch of stuff done today. At around 11 am we went to town together. Then we separated. Anna went buying groceries and I went […]

  • Weakling

    The past two days I was too busy and or too tired to write something for my blog. The day before yesterday I came home after 8pm because the web-app my co-workers and I are working on went into its beta testing phase and there were some things to iron out on my part. Yesterday […]

  • Petri is a Dish Best Served Cold

    Came home from work and grilled some chopped up chicken filet in a pan. Did the same with a head of white cabbage. Threw everything together. Seasoned with salt, (rose) pepper, pimento, cilantro, and a dash of apple vinegar. Ate it. Watched the Vice documentary “This is What Winning Looks Like” for an hour or […]

  • Cherries And Langos

    Today I slept in while my girlfriend was perusing the flea market in Eisenstadt, where she got two massive desk lights from the 50s or 60s or so and some other stuff. Usually I feel guilty when I sleep in, because the reason would be that I had too much to drink the night before. […]

  • Too Much Sunscreen

    Yesterday (it was Friday) my girlfriend and I went to the movies to see Gatsby. The movie started a bit before 9 pm and lastet till around 11:30. After the movie we joined a couple of my friends at a bar. They were drunk, and we were sober. The mood was a bit depressing. If […]

  • Dumpling

    Had a bad start into the day. I was unable to get my Internet over wifi to work. I have this weird setup where my Windows 7 desktop PC is connecting to the Internet via USB modem and sharing the connection with my wifi router (through the power line no less!). The problem is that […]

  • Brain Power

    I slept very well last night. At work I was very concentrated and got a lot of stuff done. Before I left for my morning commute this morning, I checked my mailbox and took the mail with me. I opened the letters during lunch break. One of them contained a bill and I immediately went […]

  • On Tricks

    I was too busy yesterday to write, but I was thinking about what to write quite a bit (but not too deeply), which is what counts. Yesterday I felt kind of shitty at work, because I hadn’t slept that well the night before. My stomach still felt weird, too. Probably from all the Schnaps and […]

  • A Lot of Alcohol

    I drank a lot of alcohol last Saturday. On Sunday I had a hangover which was possibly the worst hangover I have ever had. I still feel that hangover in my bones, and it is Tuesday. Lately I’ve been having trouble getting stuff done in my personal life because I commute for three hours every […]