Category: Dispatches

  • Envelopes

    I’ve just written two letters to two people I care a lot about but can’t find any envelopes to put them into. So I’m going to go shopping for stationery, which means I’ll never ever return and starve to death in front of the display for Moleskine notebooks. It was nice knowing you though. xoxoxo

  • Comatose

    Will I manage to go to bed tonight with a feeling of accomplishment? I forbid myself any activities that might lead me astray. I’ve got a long day ahead of me without any (scheduled) interruptions. Those days are the hardest ones to coordinate in a graceful manner. But I’m sitting at my desk, and I’m […]

  • Too tired to kick ass

    After having a snack and watching some Youtube I installed Altova XMLSpy which offers a trial period. It has the functionality I have been looking for in addition to tons of other stuff I won’t ever be able to fathom, let alone need. I thought a tool that parsed an XML file and generated a […]

  • Trying to save myself some work

    I’m busy with an assignment for college. I have to design and implement a simplified structure for a real estate company in XML and provide a DTD for it. I’ve written a small XML file with a few clients, employees and realties, with the employees being at the top of the hierarchy, encapsulating both clients […]

  • Having no plan

    I’ve got to play a concert in four days. So far the only thing I’ve accomplished to do for preparation is browsing songs on Youtube. My voice is giving me trouble, as I haven’t been singing in quite some time and I’ve been slightly sick for a couple of weeks. I feel bad at the […]