I’m a programmer. Often when I have to execute a task that takes longer than ten seconds, I lack the patience to wait it out and instead go check out my email or Facebook or Reddit or some other stupid time suck. (Email is fine in my case actually. I don’t know why I’m bashing it. Probably because everyone else seems to do so and I’m a sheep without its own opinion.)
Of course once you’re on Facebook or Reddit you quickly lose twenty minutes or more while waiting for a task that takes a couple minutes to finish.
This is terrible for my productivity and my well being.
So instead of Alt-Tabbing to something else, the next time I’ll have to wait for more than ten seconds for a task to finish, I’ll close my eyes and moisturize my contact lenses, or stretch, or sing a song to myself or something. Or let my brain decide on what important thing to do next while I passively sit back and think about nothing.
Hope this will do my productivity and my well being good.