Jumping Lalannes

Yesterday I got picked up by a friend after I had come home from work. We went to a bar and I had a few cigarettes and a couple of beers. Before we met I was afraid I would be too tired to talk and just be a drag. But I talked a lot and it felt good.
When I came home I cooked up a certain brand of instant noodles that my dad used to buy for me when he was still alive. Then I went to bed and fell asleep quickly.
I was too tired to take my sleeping medicine, so I was afraid I wouldn’t be able to get proper rest. But I woke up at 5:30 am this morning and felt a lot fitter than usual. I even managed to do fifteen minutes on my exercise bike before breakfast – a feat I had long been wanting to accomplish, but never had till then. I was listening to the latest episode of Roderick on the Line while working out. I always do, when I do. Keeps me entertained.
I even managed to prepare a hearty breakfast. That means I don’t have to spend money at McD’s, and my consciousness is at ease.
Not getting any exercise is one of the top things that worry me at the moment. I hope I can turn my morning workout into a habit. Doesn’t have to be the exercise bike every time. Could be weight lifting or Yoga for all I care. I just want to work up a sweat before I sit down in front of a screen all day in the office.