Beige, Brown, Whatever

I spent the night at Anna’s, so I didn’t get up till around 8:30 am. It was very nice.
One of my co-workers had her 30th birthday today, so we had some cake. Then we had some ice-cream. Then we had some falafel with various dips.
I had a pretty substantial sugar crash, and it made me ponder about what it might feel like if I didn’t eat any sugar for a month. I’m not even talking about carbs or fruit. Just things that have refined sugar in them. I think that would be interesting.
I lost track of time today in the office and missed my train. I’m riding on one of the slow ones right now and there’s a very weird vibe going on. The conductor is super frail and has a super quiet and tender way of talking. He’s too nice for a conductor.
A few seats across from me there are two ladies holding hands. They’re either mother and daughter, or a very strange lesbian couple. (They could be both, but let’s not take this too far.) Anyway, they are both wearing the same beige/brown wool dress, and the older lady of the two has a giant golden crucifix hanging from her neck.
The more I watch them, the more it becomes clear that they are a couple. They are having very serious conversations about intellectually shallow subjects, but with a tone and diction that suggests an emotional urgency that makes them seem very intense and soft at the same time. There’s a warmth emanating from them. Also, the younger one is half crying all the time while the older one is sympathetic and supportive. It’s an interesting constellation.
I think I should take this train more often.