I’m Only Not Happy When it Rains

My girlfriend and I stayed at home last night, since we were both tired and needed some peace. I’m glad we did, because we woke up well rested and got a bunch of stuff done today.
At around 11 am we went to town together. Then we separated. Anna went buying groceries and I went to my bank to pay some bills and ask for a loan to salvage my overdrawn checking account. I didn’t end up getting a loan, but the nice teller lady figured out a solution to my situation and it seems like everything is going to turn out okay.
I spent more time at the bank than Anna spent at the supermarket, so when I walked by my house she was already home and I saw her chopping up vegetables through the living room window. I walked up to the window and stared at her, but she failed to notice me and just kept chopping. I was just standing there, watching her go into the kitchen. After a minute or so she came back into the living room and finally saw me. She almost fell to the ground, that’s how much I scared her. I laughed hard, although I didn’t expect such a strong reaction and felt a bit bad for her. She laughed, too, but it took her a few minutes to come down from her adrenaline rush.
Then we had Anna’s great Gemüsestrudel.
In the afternoon we filled up my car with old crap and got rid of it at the local Altstoffsammelstelle. Sometimes we find cool stuff there like old tables or chairs, no dice this time.
Then we drove to OBI and bought a light bulb for my oven and a replacement cable for an old desk lamp that Anna got at a flea market. I also got myself one of those spritz thingies which I plan to use to spritz my bread with water when it is in the oven.
Back at home I replaced the light bulb in my oven and attached the cable to Anna’s old lamp (in a very hacky way that broke later in the day). Then I disassembled the living room table that had been standing in the middle of the living room for a week because we replaced it with a smaller table that Anna found in my closet room while tidying it up. I put the parts of the living room tables in my mansard room, where it doesn’t bother anyone. The living room is starting to feel ever more spacious.
After that we had dinner and relaxed.
Things are going well. Seeing progress being made feels good. I’m a lot more hopeful now than I was month ago about getting this house in a state that I’m pleased with in a reasonable amount of time.
The weather is absolute shit though.