The past two days I was too busy and or too tired to write something for my blog. The day before yesterday I came home after 8pm because the web-app my co-workers and I are working on went into its beta testing phase and there were some things to iron out on my part.
Yesterday was a holiday in Austria, which was good. I was going to just slack off or do some recreational programming, but instead I was busy fixing my dishwasher and cleaning my fridge and some other stuff. I got a bunch of stuff done, despite feeling like shit all day. I even spent about 15 minutes on my exercise bike. Afterwards I almost fainted and had to lie down. I felt really weak and exhausted which I attribute to various things, but mostly to my being overwhelmed with responsibilities and a lack of leisure time. Also: allergies.
In the evening my girlfriend and I drove to her place in Vienna. I slept really well and felt very refreshed when I woke up in the morning. At work I felt very relaxed and clear headed. I felt healthy.
After work my girlfriend picked me up and we drove out to my place again, where we made some cream spinach with roasted potatoes and fried eggs. It tasted very good.
I’m afraid that tomorrow will suck, because I’ll try to get a loan from my bank in the morning as well as an estimate for a car repair. I’m angry at my former self for not taking more care of his financial situation. But I’m also proud of my recent self for trying hard to salvage the aforementioned situation.
In order to relax, I’ll go read some Great Gatsby now.