Cherries And Langos

Today I slept in while my girlfriend was perusing the flea market in Eisenstadt, where she got two massive desk lights from the 50s or 60s or so and some other stuff. Usually I feel guilty when I sleep in, because the reason would be that I had too much to drink the night before. This time I was guilt-free, because I got so much stuff done this week that I felt like I deserved a break.
In the afternoon my girlfriend and I went for a walk with a good friend of mine and his fiancée and his 14 months old boy. We ate cherries from a tree and talked about stuff. I made a bunch of pictures with my DSLR, which is cool, because I feel like I haven’t been taking enough pictures since getting it.
Later we walked to the kermis and my friend and I had a Lángos with garlic while the women each had one Schaumbecher. My friend paid for everything, because I thought I wouldn’t need my wallet since eating cherries from a tree does not cost any money. Usually I would chastise myself for being so shortsighted, but instead I was more like “meh”, because I was in such a good, wholesome mood.
Back at home I made pesto with sun-dried tomatoes and herbs from our garden. My girlfriend made a cake out of spelt flour, eggs, hazel-nuts, sugar, rapeseed oil, sour cream, raisins and cranberries. It tastes great and I think I’ll have one more piece before falling asleep. My pesto was okay, too.
I still need to finish cleaning the fridge, although it looks a lot nicer now than two days ago. Also I think next week I’ll eat less Hamburgers and sandwiches and more raw veggies and fruit.