Too Much Sunscreen

Yesterday (it was Friday) my girlfriend and I went to the movies to see Gatsby. The movie started a bit before 9 pm and lastet till around 11:30. After the movie we joined a couple of my friends at a bar. They were drunk, and we were sober. The mood was a bit depressing. If we hadn’t gone to the movies but drinking with our friends instead, we would have been a part in this depressing scene and hungover today. But last night we were mere observers for an hour while I was having a Coconut Kiss and a soda water, then we went home.
We were both really tired when we got home and it didn’t take us long to fall asleep. We woke up very refreshed this morning.
After my morning coffee I wrote an email to a very dear friend of mine and fiddled around with my wifi network. After about a half hour I decided that my whole home network setup is one big clusterfuck and did some stuff in the kitchen.
Since I have too much silverware, I sorted out my favorite set of knifes, spoons, and forks, and put the rest away into a box. Then my girlfriend came back from the supermarket (apparently she’s the only person in this town who *walks* to the supermarket) and we had breakfast.
After that I started cleaning out my fridge, which I’m taking a break from right now because it’s fucking disgusting. But the thought of waking up tomorrow and taking the milk out of a clean, tidy fridge is enticing, to say the least.
Anyway, this day wouldn’t be as pleasant as it is if I had been drinking last night, and I don’t feel like I’ve missed out on anything by not getting drunk with my friends last night, who are very dear to me, but who I like less in a bar setting than in a more inspiring one.