Had a bad start into the day. I was unable to get my Internet over wifi to work. I have this weird setup where my Windows 7 desktop PC is connecting to the Internet via USB modem and sharing the connection with my wifi router (through the power line no less!). The problem is that the DNS IPs are dynamic and passing them on to my router via DHCP doesn’t work for some reason.
Anyway, usually I wouldn’t care. But my girlfriend was going to work from home and needed it. So that sucked.
I was doing mundane tasks at work today, chugging along blissfully. I had lunch at an Asian place that’s close to my office and pretty good. I had those grilled Asian raviolis for the first time in my life. I liked them.
I ran out of time this morning while trying to get the wifi working and didn’t manage to pack my laptop, so I’m typing this on my Phone. I think I’ll just leave my laptop at home from now on.
Yesterday I saw a device for measuring your blood sugar for 10€ at the supermarket. I thought it was a good deal and felt kind of sad for not being a diabetic. But then I realized that I could use it anyway, just for fun! So I bought it. At home I read the manual while having a chocolate pudding with a vanilla creme topping.
Later I did the dishes. Then I made a few photos of my garden with my DSLR and tried to upload some of them to my flickr account, but flickr was down. I was disappointed and did my laundry instead, besides some other things.
I felt very responsible and in control of my life. I know I’m really not, but I think it’s interesting how doing just a few little things can change the way you look at things.