On Tricks

I was too busy yesterday to write, but I was thinking about what to write quite a bit (but not too deeply), which is what counts.
Yesterday I felt kind of shitty at work, because I hadn’t slept that well the night before. My stomach still felt weird, too. Probably from all the Schnaps and cigarettes and fatty food I consumed over the weekend.
When I came home I had more energy than I had thought I would have. Usually the first thing I do after coming home is getting out of my shoes, feed the cats, and lay down on the couch a bit. But a few days ago I got really nice, comfortable leather slippers, and I just left them on. After feeding the cats I filled the dishwasher and cleaned up my kitchen a bit. I got rid of all the organic trash by throwing it into a big bowl and then throwing that into the trash can in front of my garage. Usually I wouldn’t do that because I hate putting on shoes just to bring out the trash, which is admittedly stupid lazy. But this time I had my shoes on anyway, so it wasn’t such a hassle.
I might have gone out to have a beer with a friend instead, which would have kept me from doing all that. I wouldn’t have slept as well as I have last night, and I wouldn’t feel as good as I do today as a result. So that’s good.
I tried to make breakfast this morning. I haven’t made breakfast for myself in a while, and I usually just get a sandwich at the subway station and ham & eggs at McDonald’s. This is expensive and I don’t like to support McDonald’s. I always feel a bit weak and guilty when I eat there.
I like eggs. I like making them, and I like eating them, despite the horrible conditions they’re harvested in.
I saw a bunch of egg cartons stacked on top of a shelf in the kitchen. I took one of those, put some oil in a pan, and took an egg out of one of the cartons. My girlfriend taught me this trick where you shake an egg to find out if it’s still fresh. If you can’t feel its innards being thrown around, it’s supposed to be still good. So I did that, and heard and felt nothing. Still good!
When I broke the egg and poured it into the pan, a green-ish black goo came out, and I had to gag. Apparently the shackalag trick only works with somewhat foul eggs.
Still gagging, I flushed the egg down the toilet. Then I had some toast with butter and a coffee.