Brain Power

I slept very well last night. At work I was very concentrated and got a lot of stuff done.
Before I left for my morning commute this morning, I checked my mailbox and took the mail with me. I opened the letters during lunch break. One of them contained a bill and I immediately went to the bank and wired the money. I think I have never done this before. I felt very mature and responsible.
In the afternoon I didn’t feel as productive as in the morning, but that was mainly because I was dealing with a very hard problem that will take me a lot of research to solve. I did make good progress though, which might potentially save me a lot of headaches and my client a bunch of money in the long run.
I had shitty food today and smoked one cigarette. I also drank too much coffee, but that’s a thing among my colleagues.
I enjoyed being well-rested and sober.