A Lot of Alcohol

I drank a lot of alcohol last Saturday. On Sunday I had a hangover which was possibly the worst hangover I have ever had.
I still feel that hangover in my bones, and it is Tuesday.
Lately I’ve been having trouble getting stuff done in my personal life because I commute for three hours every day from Monday through Friday, which means I’m only at home and awake for about three hours on an average workday. I usually spend those hours doing very light house keeping, feeding the cats, and listening to music.
I don’t work on Saturdays. I don’t work on Sundays, either. So those two weekdays would be optimal for getting stuff done, but I usually spend them slightly hung over and lacking energy because in order to relax from all that commuting I get really drunk on most Fridays.
This is starting to piss me off, so I decided to not drink at all till I get the most important stuff done that is currently compromising my quality of life because of its undone-ness.
Here are some of the things I want to get done before I start drinking again:

  • Clean out my fridge
  • Get rid of the carpet in my bedroom
  • Mow my lawn
  • Clean out my closet room
  • Clean up my home recording studio
  • Set up a home office for writing and programming
  • Clean out my basement
  • Some personal stuff that’s none of your business

These I got just off the top of my mind, so they are in random order and probably not complete.
In order to not forget about my plan I will write about it daily. Because here’s the thing: I always make plans and promises concerning not drinking till I get certain stuff done. Then I work all week, having no opportunity to remember not to drink, because I wouldn’t drink anyway. And by Friday my plans and promises would be kind of forgotten and I just wouldn’t follow through.
I might write about how I would have enjoyed something more if I hadn’t been drunk, or vice versa. Like so:
The day before yesterday I attended a show by Shellac. I was so hung over from the day before that I had to drink four beers till I felt somewhat normal again. I think I would have enjoyed the show more in a healthy, wholesome state.
Yesterday my girlfriend and I did some copy writing for a designer acquaintance of hers. We did a good job and enjoyed the process, but we were also stressed out because the deadline was so close and we were really tired from the evenings before. We might have enjoyed it more in a state of sobriety and well-restedness.
Today I didn’t drink any alcohol and tried to eat healthy. I was tired and had a hard time concentrating. I think I would have enjoyed myself more if I had been living better in recent times.
I will do this every day now and also write about positive things happening because of my not drinking. I hope there will be something to write about.