Jurassic Bark

Every weekday at around 5:30 pm I shut down my computer, leave the office, and walk about 500 meters westwards along Mariahilferstraße from my office to the U-Bahn-Station Neubaugasse. This is usually an intense experience, since I have to push through a crowded street while being blinded by the evening sun, after having sat eight hours in front of a screen writing code and having little interaction with other human beings.
Lately I’ve been noticing a seemingly homeless punk in his mid-30s with a couple of dogs. This in itself is not a noteworthy sight in this location. But this one particular man always happens to be petting one of his two dogs in a very, very focused and loving (but non-sexual) manner. The group seems grounded in the present, unphased by their busy immediate surrounding.
I can’t help but be amused and inspired — envious, even — by this constellation. But it also makes me wonder in how many ways it might not end up in severe tragedy for the involved. The only situation I can picture is all of them — the homeless punk and his two dogs — instantly vanishing from existence, united in eternal nothingness.
It will probably end in tragedy though. Pain will be felt, tears might be shed, and the world will keep spinning in the exact same way as it always has, except differently.
That’s how it goes I guess.