Drifting contently

Today I finally started dispatching job applications. It took me too long to get to that point, but I had been busy with thinking about myself. What does it all mean? I still have no idea, but I am in a much better place than I used to be a couple months ago.
So I’ve met someone. I’m in an intimate relationship, and it elevated my life to peak quality. I guess this is what my doctor has in mind when he asks me if I’m happy.
“Well …, kind of. There’s a few things here and there that I’m not completely content with.”
That’s usually the point when he starts scribbling down a prescription.
“Hell yeah!”, is what I’m going to say next time. It’s the only truthful answer I can give.
I have been eating wrong and not exercising all week. Probably because I was too busy with “real” things. “Real” progress. Working on my resume. Cleaning up the room I sleep in. Fixing some furniture with liquid nails. Working on music.
Speaking of music. One of my old nearfield monitors broke last week, so I ordered a pair of new ones. Half an hour after I got the shipment confirmation my old monitors started to work again. I said to myself “to hell with it. I’ll try the new ones, and if they’re not better than my old ones, I’ll just send them back.”
My new monitors arrived this Monday. They are fantastic. They’re Tannoy Reveal 601As, and I’ve been feverishly listening to music all week, soaking in their clear low mids, spatial representation, and hefty bass. I’m not much of an audiophile, but I’ve been exposed to a few nice setups, and the Tannoys come very close to the best of them. I suddenly feel confident in the mixes I do, whereas formerly I had to do a lot of guesswork, always insecure, always questioning the choices I made. I can’t imagine going back to my old speakers. The only thing that slightly bugs me are some resonances when listening to certain bass heavy music. So far it’s only been a couple of songs at high volumes, so I don’t really mind. The rest sounds fantastic. I’m finally getting goose bumps again when listening to music. I have a crush on those speakers.
Yesterday I found this website, TasteKid. It’s a recommendation engine for Music, Movies, celebrities, et al. I spent about 15 minutes liking some stuff, then I let its magic work. In the matter of an half hour I found two new bands I instantly fell in love with. The Modern Lovers, and The Dream Syndicate. There’s a bunch of Movies I want to watch now, too. Basically, I could spend the rest of my life consuming stuff that’s tailored to my tastes and never ever leave the house again. That’s what I’m going to do if I ever strike the lottery. Which is never going to happen, because I don’t play the lottery. I should probably start now. I’ve never had a reason to before.
Sleeping. I’ve changed from my room, that I’ve had since I was eleven, to my dad’s bedroom. The master bedroom, as it were. There’s a lot of clothes stuffed in there. It all smell’s like my dad. There are worn clothes, that really smell like my dad, and there are “clean” clothes, that kind of smell like my dad. I put the colored stuff (all of it, no matter if clean or unclean) in the washer last night. I’ll do the white clothes as well soon. It feels like a new beginning. It’s emotionally jarring, but at the same time cleansing. It feels right.
I’ve started a new blog. There’s nothing on it yet. It’s going to be about making good stuff. It will probably revolve around writing prose, making music, and writing software. I feel ambitious right now. I have no idea if I’ll follow through with it, but I have a good feeling.
Haven’t had that in a long old time.