Leveling Up

Before I went to visit my brother I was the heaviest smoker I had ever been. I smoked about half a pack of cigarettes when I was at home, and a pack or more when I was going out that day. And I went out a lot!
At my brother’s I was surrounded by non-smokers. I didn’t buy cigarettes, so when I felt the urge to smoke – which only really happened during the first two or three days – I was out of luck. So I didn’t smoke for my entire stay there, except for one evening when we went bowling, where I got slightly drunk and bummed three cigarettes off of a friend who was with us.
Since I came back home I smoked a few cigarettes, but all in all it’s been less than a pack I think. The day before yesterday I had a couple. Yesterday I didn’t smoke at all.
I’ve noticed that my cravings are simply gone, even when I’m not feeling too well, or when I’m in a bad mood, which would usually prompt me to light one up. At my brother’s I decided to not allow myself to smoke in my room anymore, which was – I think – the main reason why I fell into the habit of smoking too much. Now that the ugly symptoms of smoking are gone, I feel like quitting altogether. It will be very easy now.