I’m at my brother’s. It is very quiet here. There’s not a lot to do here for me except watch my nieces play with each other and help my brother with some Christmas preparations. I’m more or less in a state of relaxed contemplation. It’s very erholsam.
I read a lot while I was on the train yesterday. It’s so easy to focus when you have only very few things to do. Maybe I should go to my fraternity’s place when I’m trying to read a book at home. There’s very little to do there, too. I might get more quality reading done. Also, I’m trying to push myself a little to read on even when I feel like I need a break. It’s a gentle push. I’m simply trying to exercise my willpower.
Yesterday I had not a single cigarette. Apparently my brother quit smoking for good, so it won’t be too hard to not smoke for a week. I do have cravings about two or three times a day. But not very strong ones, and they usually only last for about a couple minutes.
I feel a bit like being in rehab. Or at least it’s what I imagine rehab must feel like.