Month: December 2012

  • Relax!

    I’m at my brother’s. It is very quiet here. There’s not a lot to do here for me except watch my nieces play with each other and help my brother with some Christmas preparations. I’m more or less in a state of relaxed contemplation. It’s very erholsam. I read a lot while I was on […]

  • Rat Race

    I did a bunch of stuff today. Worked through a programming book. Gave my neighbor my underpants for washing because my washer is still broken. Strip searched the house and two cars for a bunch of documents till I found every single one of them and mailed them to social welfare to slow down my […]

  • Nutrients

    In the last few weeks I’ve been going out a lot. I pushed myself to approach as many women as possible, in order to lose my fear of it and to hone my flirting skills. I had a lot of fun and caused a lot of smiles and glimmering eyes. I feel stupid for not […]

  • It is pitch dark

    Yesterday I was very sad and heartbroken. I tried to cry, but I couldn’t. Or maybe I could but refuse to remember. Today I was sad, too. But then my sadness turned into anxiety and made me aware of every inch of my brittle stomach lining. In this turmoil I had a very hard time […]