Month: November 2012

  • Day 10937

    Sober for 14 days. Yesterday I didn’t smoke during the day but then I got really bored at around 8pm and lit one up, and I kept smoking throughout the night. Staying sober while watching the people around you trashing themselves is a bit depressing. Drinking has lost a lot of its appeal to me. […]

  • Day 10936

    Sober for 13 days. Smoke free for zero days. Being sober amidst drunks can be really awful. Didn’t enjoy myself much last night, except that I bumped into an acquaintance who I really enjoy bumping into, because she is staggeringly pretty and sexy and radiates a really positive energy. She hung out with me and […]

  • Day 10935

    I’ve been sober for twelve days! Yesterday I finally snapped out of it and did some house cleaning. My mom, who’s staying with me at the moment, was pleasantly surprised and couldn’t help but help me. After that I was going to get a haircut, only to end up in front of closed doors and […]

  • Day 10934

    I think I’ve been messing up my headings lately. They’re one day behind. Anyway, I’ve been sober for eleven days. I feel almost normal (as in healthy) again. Yesterday I smoked a few cigarettes in the evening, which I’m not too happy about, but at least I don’t seem to have physical cravings anymore. I’m […]

  • Day 10932

    I’ve been sober for ten days. I still have the cold, but I think I feel better than yesterday. My GP prescribed me something that turns out to be highly dosed Aspirin with vitamin C. I still haven’t got out of my rut. But soon I’ll have to, because I’ll be running out of money […]