On being 30 for a day

As of yesterday I am 30 years of age.
I’ve never thrown a birthday party, and this year was no different. Instead, I met up with one good friend and we got drunk over the course of the day while complaining about our lives. Specifically, I was complaining about how I lacked drive, because there was no urgency in anything that I’m trying to do, and that apathy had set in as a result. It was beautifully depressing.
I do feel, however, like a donkey for letting pass this wonderful occasion without a proper celebration, and that I should nevertheless organize some sort of festivity to commemorate the great people that I’ve been able to draw into my sad life over the past few years, thus making it a lot less sad and a lot more exciting and meaningful. I’ll brainstorm for ideas later today.
So, anyway. This morning I received the greatest gift that – at this point in my life – could have been given to me, and all my apathy has suddenly vanished. I don’t want to get into the specifics, but the gift came in the form of an idea. A seed that – after being planted and lovingly tended to – will hopefully grow into something remarkably strange and beautiful.
I’ve received the greatest gift I could ever wish for: excitement.