Yesterday I paid a bunch of overdue bills. I didn’t calculate the total, but I estimate it at around 2000 Euros. Probably a bit more. I think out of that money almost half of it could be saved by living more frugal. I already got rid of all magazine and newspaper subscriptions. Cable TV and Internet will go next.
Lately I’ve watched a few of those hoarder shows that seem to be popular on US TV. Some of them are bad, some of them treat the subject and the hoarders themselves with respect. Anyway, it made me think.
I still don’t know exactly where those waves of fear come from when I start thinking about cleaning up the mess that is my dad’s house. I think part of it is the magnitude of the task, part of it the image of my dad disapproving.
So yesterday I decided that I want to live a minimalist life. I want to get rid of everything that I don’t need to live and work, talking back to the inner voice of my dad trying to stop me from throwing away his precious items that serve no purpose other than being in the world and weighing me down.
I summoned up my courage and started cleaning up my room, and I made very good progress. So much so that it’s actually hard to believe when I look around my room right now. I can walk around in here. I feel liberated and at ease with myself.
Once the house is empty, I can think about designing its interior in a way that is conducive to conviviality. I want to have visitors in this place, and have them feel at home.
I want to make it a place where great things are made, and life changing lessons are learned.