Day 10946

Worked on my website some more.
I’m finding joy in programming again! Making stuff work. Trying to find clever solutions. Going after stupid mistakes that are really hard to find.
The books I ordered with my voucher for Amazon arrived. Four books, four authors: Albert Camus, Ivan Illich, Joseph Weizenbaum, Marianne Gronemeyer.
I started reading Camus, Fragen der Zeit (Le pain et la liberte), and I totally got lost in it. There’s some beautiful stuff in there, an encomium to progressive ethics, tenderness, gentleness, and harmony. It’s not hard to be the good guy when corresponding with a full-on Nazi, but having someone express the long term predominance and plain rightness of brotherhood over ruthless brutality in such beautiful and lucid terms is impressive.
On a side note, the more and better German I read, the more I’m falling in love with it again.