Day 10935

I’ve been sober for twelve days!
Yesterday I finally snapped out of it and did some house cleaning. My mom, who’s staying with me at the moment, was pleasantly surprised and couldn’t help but help me.
After that I was going to get a haircut, only to end up in front of closed doors and eventually realizing that it was a Catholic holiday. Thanks, Catholic tradition, for making me feel stupid!
Back home I made a list of companies that are looking for developers. Then I started mocking up my new personal website and thinking about its structure and content. I could just list a bunch of references, but very few of the projects I worked on are public or still in operation, so I’m going to use my personal site to show off my skills and describe my philosophy on a higher level. I did this last time I was looking for a job and I think it worked quite nicely.
In the evening I was psyched. I couldn’t really do anything productive because my mind was racing like mental. Usually I would have started to drink Scotch at that point to bring me down a bit. Then I would go out and smash myself. Instead I just sat it out, watching episodes of Wilfred till I fell asleep. In hindsight, I should have done a Tabata workout on my stationary bike. Or maybe just go for a walk. Anything really to burn some energy and get the edge off.
Also had a talk with my former English teacher, who’s a terrific woman and maybe the only teacher who’s ever managed to provide me with real insight as opposed to meaningless facts, and the means to grow as a human being. I’m going to see her soon in what will probably turn out to be an intellectually saturated setting. I need this, and I’m looking forward to it.
My body seems to be cleansing itself. I’ve got a bunch of zits in my face.