Day 10928

I’ve been sober for 6 days.
I feel great. Yesterday I did Yoga in the morning. That’s a first. Broke a real sweat. Later I had a lovely evening out in Vienna with friends, watching a Werner Herzog film and then going to Flanagan’s in the first district. Instead of beer and Scotch I had Schweppes and soda water. Strangely enough, I didn’t miss the drink. I told the young lady I took hostage for that evening that I’d quit booze a few days before and she was very supportive. That put me in a good frame of mind, because giving in to any alcoholic urges would have meant to not just disappoint myself, but also her.
It felt reassuring how I was able to sustain my wits throughout the evening. I’m a real charmer when my brain is working properly due to exercise and not getting shitfaced for days in a row. I enjoy this clarity.
However, I did smoke too much, as I’ve been wont to do lately. I really have to taper off this ugly habit as it’s destroying my stomach lining, in addition to the multitude of terrible long term effects it will cause.
Today was the first time I woke up feeling refreshed and positive in quite a while. I think I might finally be able to work up the courage to face all the pending issues in my life that I’ve been avoiding for the past few months. There’s a bunch of them, and they’re semi-serious, too — meaning that I’m not in danger of ill health, but in taking a substantial hit financially and putting a dent in family relations.
I’ll stay vigilant. Let’s see how this plays out.