Day 10927

I’ve been sober for five days.
I’ve decided to quit drinking for good, because for me the nice things about it don’t justify the bad things, the constant fatigue due to hangovers being the worst, because it kept me from living a productive life and being a reliable friend. And this is really all I look for in life: creating beauty and having stimulating relationships with my fellow human beings.
I have a craving for sweets and I am tired. Apparently those symptoms a quite typical. Sometimes I want to reach over and pour me a tumbler of Red Label on impulse, especially when I’m excited after working on some music. But I keep constantly reminding myself throughout the day that I am not a drinking man anymore. It seems to work.
My clarity is slowly coming back. My lust for intellectual challenges and the drive to immerse myself in the Arts and Sciences is resurrected and in the process of healing. But that’s what it is: a process. And if there is such a thing as a place I want to be, I am not there. Yet.
But I’ll cut myself some slack. It’s only been five days, after all. Let’s just stay on track and see where it takes me.