Month: October 2012

  • Day 10931

    I’ve been sober for nine days. I have a cold and I feel weak and grumpy. I’ve been smoking an average of five cigarettes per day over the last three days. I doubt I’ll smoke anything today. I work out almost every day. Today I won’t. I’m lazy. It’s really hard to get myself to […]

  • Day 10929

    I’ve been sober for seven days. I’m beginning to enjoy waking up in the morning and not feeling sick. Yesterday I went to a bar late at night, met some friends and had a couple of non-alcoholic beers. Didn’t like the taste too much, so I’ll probably make Schweppes my ordinary go-to beverage from now […]

  • Day 10928

    I’ve been sober for 6 days. I feel great. Yesterday I did Yoga in the morning. That’s a first. Broke a real sweat. Later I had a lovely evening out in Vienna with friends, watching a Werner Herzog film and then going to Flanagan’s in the first district. Instead of beer and Scotch I had […]

  • Day 10927

    I’ve been sober for five days. I’ve decided to quit drinking for good, because for me the nice things about it don’t justify the bad things, the constant fatigue due to hangovers being the worst, because it kept me from living a productive life and being a reliable friend. And this is really all I […]