Day 10864

Today–shortly after getting on the train–I saw a beautiful young woman with grey hair, blemished skin, and the voice of an elderly lady.
I helped her with her luggage when she was struggling to put it in the compartment above us.
“I can probably get it up there, but I’m not sure if I’ll be able to get it down again!”, she said with the voice of an elderly lady.
The voice sounded like it had been used to say many subtle, playfully ambivalent things in the past. Even more so, it seemed to me as if it could make anything sound subtle and playfully ambivalent, if so intended.
I stood up, tall and proud, grabbed her bag in an assertive way and put it in its place. For some reason I felt like I had to demonstrate my manliness, so I did.
She thanked me, took her seat, slid her feet out of her leather slippers and dosed off. While she was drifting away, I looked at her reflection in the window, which softened her skin, making the blemishes disappear.
I saw a beautiful young woman.