Day 10852

It is Saturday. When this week started I didn’t feel all that great, from a physical and cognitive perspective. So I refrained from eating crap and either went for a run or sang enthusiastically every day to get some oxygen into my bloodstream.
By Thursday I was in great shape. My work performance took off and I felt energized and giddy with excitement. On Friday I came home late because I had to meet up with my insurance guy after work, but I still managed to write the lyrics for a song that had been lying around unfinished on my hard disk, recorded the vocals, put the final touches on the mix (I totally intentionally squashed it) and published it on my Bandcamp site. I felt great and awesome.
Then I went to town, where some summer festivity was going on. I had a couple of beers and a cigarette and was ready to go home when my friend L. dropped by and I had a courtesy drink with him, because we hardly ever see each other since I got my job and he got his child. More courtesy drinks followed.
I don’t know how, since it didn’t seem to me like I was drinking that much, but I got really drunk. I was actually able to observe my progression from super quick and charming (the girls hanging unto my every word, laughing hysterically) to ever so slightly dumber and more primitive (the girls shaking heads, making frowns that could be used as textbook examples for microexpressions of contempt).
At some point around 2am I decided to walk home, only to decide a moment later that instead of walking I would run home, up a steep hill, in order to get my daily exercise. Which I did. The other thing I did was throw up when I was home and out of breath.
So today has been a slow day, which is not very satisfying. I got some pizza and chicken nuggets delivered (WTF?!) and tried to get some sleep in the afternoon. I’m supposed to handle the music at a birthday party later tonight. Right now I would rather stay at home and read a book.
Today has been an okay day.