Day 10849

Overslept and took the car to work. Made me realize how much I actually like the commute by train because it lets me relax while dosing off or reading or whatever.
Wrote a short song at work during lunch break.
Bought some vegetable juice after work on my way to my car and really enjoyed it.
Listened to some music when I came back home and went for a run. Took in the view of beautifully lit fields and felt the wind brushing my arms.
Fried some chicken and had potato salad on the side. There’s still some meat and salad left. I guess tomorrow I’ll finish it up, so that’s three dinners for about ten Euros. That’s reasonable.
My friend J. who watched over my house while I was in Croatia came over to give me the key to my mailbox. Had a cigarette with him on the terrace but only slightly puffed it.
Going to have a shower now and then read up on OpenGL.
Today has been a good day.