Day 10848

Woke up feeling great in the morning due to going for a run last night.
Had muesli and coffee for breakfast. Read a couple of articles in the newspaper my dad had a subscription for.
Did some stuff on my computer and lost track of time. Thought I would miss my train to work but comfortably made it.
On my train ride back home after work I played some Angry Birds, then started reading a book about OpenGL programming (Super Bible, 4th Edition).
Back in Mattersburg I bought some chicken filet and potato salad. I was going to grill the filet on the electrical grill but couldn’t find the electrical cable, so I used a normal pan.
After dinner I sang for at least half an hour. Then I practiced some tongue-twisters because I’m displeased with the clarity of my speech. Had the most trouble with the sh-sounds. Having a whole house for yourself in which you can make a lot of noise is great for this. Felt very energized all in all.
Listened to some music afterwards. Mostly R.E.M., which reminded me of some weird listening experiences that I had as a child.
A friend from Croatia sent me a text in the afternoon. We hung out a few times during the two weeks I was there and I felt excited and safe in her company. I miss her and it makes me sad to not be able to see my Croatian friends more often. I really had a great time there.
Did not write or create anything noteworthy. But it was still a good day.