Month: August 2012

  • Day 10864

    Today–shortly after getting on the train–I saw a beautiful young woman with grey hair, blemished skin, and the voice of an elderly lady. I helped her with her luggage when she was struggling to put it in the compartment above us. “I can probably get it up there, but I’m not sure if I’ll be […]

  • Day 10863

    Today I had a thought at work. As I was thinking the thought I thought to myself, this is a great thought. I thought I ought to write down the thought, but then thought otherwise. I thought a thought like that was permanent. Or so I thought.

  • Day 10861

    Today I drove to town with my dad’s car. When I returned home I parked the car in the same spot where it had been parked before I went to town. I had been listening to soft blues rock music on the radio. It sounded a bit like Bob Dylan, or JJ Cale, or Dire […]

  • Day 10852

    It is Saturday. When this week started I didn’t feel all that great, from a physical and cognitive perspective. So I refrained from eating crap and either went for a run or sang enthusiastically every day to get some oxygen into my bloodstream. By Thursday I was in great shape. My work performance took off […]

  • Day 10849

    Overslept and took the car to work. Made me realize how much I actually like the commute by train because it lets me relax while dosing off or reading or whatever. Wrote a short song at work during lunch break. Bought some vegetable juice after work on my way to my car and really enjoyed […]

  • Day 10848

    Woke up feeling great in the morning due to going for a run last night. Had muesli and coffee for breakfast. Read a couple of articles in the newspaper my dad had a subscription for. Did some stuff on my computer and lost track of time. Thought I would miss my train to work but […]