Day 1 of living more consciously

Fell asleep between 10:00 and 10:30 yesterday. Got up at 6 in the morning, well rested. Took the commuter’s train to Vienna, changed pants at the apartment and went to work. Had no time to meditate, but will do in the evening.
I waited till around 1 pm to eat something. There were a couple of moments when I felt hungry. But it wasn’t bad and overall I have been very alert and lucid today. More than usual. I had salad with chicken and some yogurt dressing. It was about a 1000 kcal.
I used 5 different web-tools to calculate my daily calorie burn rate. The average is about 2500 kcal, so that’s what I’ll try to aim at. I’ll try to consume those in an 8 hour time-window between 1 pm and 9 pm. No crud. Lots of protein, fiber, no refined sugar and all that stuff.
I will run a bit and do light weight training. My goal is to get my body-fat below 10 %. I want to see how much muscle I lose or gain in the process and might adjust my daily calorie intake accordingly.
No cigarettes today. A slight urge to light one up a couple of times. Very slight.
I guess I need to get me some scales.