A Simple Life Change

In the last couple of weeks I have let bad habits slip back into my life again, which has syphoned too much energy from me. My being tired keeps me from doing things that are important to me, which in turn feeds into my fears and self-loathing. I want the things I do to be meaningful. I want the decisions I make to be considerate. And I want to be able to act upon them, instead of simply following impulses on a whim.
Due to personal events the next few months will bear heavy on me. Those are a few of the things I want to be doing and turn into habits over the next three months:
Figure out what food I need to put in my body in order to get all the nutrients and energy I need. This includes calculating my approximate ideal calorie intake and planning meals with a proper balance of protein, carbs, and fiber accordingly. I want to take as much guesswork out of the equation as possible.
Meditate daily for 10 to 40 minutes. I want to be aware of the present moment more often and make that a habit. I also want to practice self-control and keeping my emotions under control.
Abstain from social network sites like Twitter, Facebook, Hacker News, Reddit, etc. They’re hard to log off of and do not facilitate personal growth in any significant way, as compared to books for example.
Do something physically challenging every day. In my current condition this is not hard. A run around the block is fine. So is half an hour of resistance training. There should be a bit of running every day though.
These are a few of the things I want to introduce into my life. There are others, but I can’t write them down now because I’m too tired.