Vorarlberg 2011 – Day 1

Took the train to Dornbirn in the morning to visit my brother and his family. Had dinner at his parent’s in law.
I’m still feeling a bit weird from the food poisoning. A bit more tired than usual, and food tastes a bit more bland than it should. I still have no craving for cigarettes or booze, which is unusual. I actually had one cigarette today but couldn’t enjoy it. My stomach is getting upset just thinking about it.
The train ride was nice. Very few people. On my way to the subway station in the morning I didn’t see a single person. Not a single car going down Schönbrunnerstraße. It was eerie. I had never seen this before. I liked it.
Today I saw snow for the first time this season. It’s already melted somewhat and is rather ice-like. Still nice though.