Saying “no”

I have to keep these entries shorter if I want to do them daily. A day has only so many hours.
I’ve started using Google Calendar today. Not that I haven’t used it in the past, but I’m forcing myself to take a look at it every couple of hours at work so that I make a habit out of using it. Before I got my current job I used to promise friends to do them favors. Since I had no rigid daily schedule and very little to do anyway, I managed to follow through on most of them. But now I am falling massively behind. I have to learn to pick my fights and say no to people, even though I hate doing it. Not because I’m that noble, mind you. I just hate the thought of somebody thinking that I’m not the nicest person on Earth.
I’m off to do some print work for my fraternity, which I promised to do two months ago.
I’m glad when this year is over. I’ll never promise anyone anything again.
I’m not bitter.