In the weeds

So three weeks ago I got this job as a Rails programmer and I’m doing fine. It’s the first time in my life that I’m not broke and dependent on the generosity of others. Turns out that’s kinda significant!
Today, after work and getting my meds from the pharmacy and moving my car to a free parking spot, Bernd and I rehearsed for our concert on Friday. That’s in four days. We hadn’t rehearsed before, so we’d probably be behind schedule if there were one.
Then I was on the phone with my brother to settle some details for my annual visit over Christmas and I managed to buy cheap train tickets online. He told me what his kids are into right now so I could get presents for them if I wanted. They basically want the same I wanted when I was their age: a Megadetch patch for my denim jacket and a pair of Adidas Jogging Highs. Ha ha!
Then I had a drink with my friend Christine in some Scottish pub that served only Czech beer and had Schlager Musik blaring out of the PA. The bartender was really nice though. Weird. Christine gave me a Christmas present. It’s a ginger bread board with the word “Serotonin” written on it, over a two-dimensional graph depicting a downward slope. Perfect for Christmas! Also had some great noodles at a Standl.
So, yeah. I’m trying to log my days here again. I don’t know. Maybe I’ll switch to German again. I haven’t written anything in a long time. I want to write again. I miss it. But just writing what happens in my life is kinda boring. I’m a bit confused right now, because I get so much stuff done and actually very little stuff done.
I’ll stop rambling now. I should have been in bed an hour ago and I haven’t watched my daily porn yet. It’s high time.