Month: December 2011

  • Vorarlberg 2011 – Day 1

    Took the train to Dornbirn in the morning to visit my brother and his family. Had dinner at his parent’s in law. I’m still feeling a bit weird from the food poisoning. A bit more tired than usual, and food tastes a bit more bland than it should. I still have no craving for cigarettes […]

  • Saying “no”

    I have to keep these entries shorter if I want to do them daily. A day has only so many hours. I’ve started using Google Calendar today. Not that I haven’t used it in the past, but I’m forcing myself to take a look at it every couple of hours at work so that I […]

  • In the weeds

    So three weeks ago I got this job as a Rails programmer and I’m doing fine. It’s the first time in my life that I’m not broke and dependent on the generosity of others. Turns out that’s kinda significant! Today, after work and getting my meds from the pharmacy and moving my car to a […]