Free Cinema Tickets

After months of getting out of bed at around half eleven I’ve become an early riser again. Feels good.
Bernd and I got together to rehearse a song by The Low Anthem at 10 am. Then I mounted my digicam on a stand and filmed us doing the song. The sound of the video was horrible, so I quickly set up two condenser mics, captured the audio while the digicam was filming and synced it later in the video editor. The digicam is clocked slightly faster than my audio interface, so I couldn’t get perfect synchronization. But it’s close enough to not be very noticeable after a duration of four minutes.
In the afternoon I studied some economics. Mostly about the basic of supply and demand, diminishing marginal utility, price elasticity, etc. I watched some TV, took a power nap, studied some more and went to the movies with Bernd. He had won tickets for Cronenberg’s A Dangerous Method. We both had high hopes, but it turned out to be kinda lame. I enjoyed the imagery but found the storytelling meandering and bland. Maybe it works better onstage.
On our way home we bought some groceries at a weird little supermarket at the Westbahnhof. I picked up a small pack of Eurocrem, which is a kind of Bosnian hazelnut spread that I used to eat as a kid when I was in Yugoslavia.
I think I’m going to have a Eurocrem sandwich now.