Alive again

Boy has it been a long time!
I got up early today in order to move my car. I parked it in front of our apartment building when I came to Vienna yesterday. No free parking in this district, so I had to find a place for it outside the city center and walk back home in the morning. I can’t afford to pay a 20€ ticket. Again.
I was in a hurry, too, because a friend of mine got us a job as extras in a beer commercial. I got my face powdered and filmed in HD. So that’s certainly something to keep for posterity. I think the commercial will be played in German and Czech cinemas. I hope they’ll put in on Youtube as well, so I can show it to friends and get made fun of.
Back home I studied some economics, but I had a hard time concentrating. All the standing around and blowing beer bottles had left me tired as hell. I laid down on the couch for half an hour. When I got up again I had a coffee and headed to a job interview at an ad agency. They asked me a lot of questions. They asked me about some technical stuff, but mainly they were interested in my language/communication skills. They asked me if my English was good and I said yes. Then they asked me how I came to that conclusion. I was stunned for a moment. It felt like someone questioning my ability to assert whether I’m male. I told them that I have been tutoring English for a decade and that I watch American television almost exclusively. And yeah, I know that strictly speaking, I used the wrong tense in the last sentence since it’s reported speech and all that malarkey. Suck it.
‘Twas a full day. And yet I still want to rehearse a song with Bernd before I finally hit the hay.