Month: November 2011

  • Sober — Part II

    Failing to simply be there for a friend because I was physically so weak that I couldn’t bear anything but solitude. That was the the moment when I realized that I had run aground and would be stuck there forever if I didn’t change my drinking habits. So I quit drinking. For two weeks I […]

  • Sober — Part I

    After I had left my job in July I started drinking quite a lot. I wasn’t drunk all the time, but I would have a drink or two in the evening almost every day. On some days I would get significantly inebriated, and it would take me at least a couple of days to fully […]

  • Free Cinema Tickets

    After months of getting out of bed at around half eleven I’ve become an early riser again. Feels good. Bernd and I got together to rehearse a song by The Low Anthem at 10 am. Then I mounted my digicam on a stand and filmed us doing the song. The sound of the video was […]

  • Alive again

    Boy has it been a long time! I got up early today in order to move my car. I parked it in front of our apartment building when I came to Vienna yesterday. No free parking in this district, so I had to find a place for it outside the city center and walk back […]