Memento mori

Got up slightly before 6am today, making breakfast now. I’ve decided to go to bed earlier in order to get stuff done in the morning, when I’m fresh and agile.
Yesterday I forgot my purse when I went to work, so I went home to fetch it during lunch-break. I even managed to cook myself a nutritional meal consisting of spinach, lentils and an egg. Took me about 8 minutes, but I had to hurry in order to get back to the office in time, so I probably won’t make that a habit.
The girlfriend of one of my co-workers died in a stupid car crash last weekend. Some guy on drugs crashed into her car at about 160 km/h. Yesterday was her funeral. I felt sick when I heard of it (death always troubles me, but this particular co-worker is also a super-sweet guy), then thought a bit about death. On my way home I gave the accordion player who I pass every day 2 Euros. Had been wanting to do that for a long time, but kept telling myself I can’t afford to give out money like that at the moment. After hearing of a sudden death I didn’t feel like postponing.