Working at a job where I have to sit in front of the computer all day has made me grumpy and miserable, unable to concentrate, which has a bad impact on my work performance and general life quality. That’s why from now on I’ll try to work out in some way or another on a daily basis. Work up a sweat once per day, so my body knows it has still got a purpose.
My plan was to go running for half an hour every morning before I leave for work, starting today. But I couldn’t get up early enough, so I just did some stretching and some shoulder exercises with my dumb-bells. Then I took a cold shower, which I’m starting to love. I was shaking afterwards, but there’s nothing as mind sobering as a cold shower. I learned this a few weeks ago, when I was accidentally forced to spend a few minutes outside during a hail storm. Before that I used to think people who shower cold on purpose are insane. But alas, I’ve changed my mind.
I’m happy to report that although I didn’t do that much at all, I’ve been very focused and productive at work so far (I’m writing this during my lunch-break). I’ll try to go to bed earlier today so I manage to go for a run tomorrow. I’m curious how this will affect my mood throughout the day.