I’ve been thinking about how to use my spare time lately. When I come home from work I’ve got about three hours of the day left to work on something that brings me joy and maybe even money in the long run. When I say something, I mean either software or music.
A few days ago I released a song I made under my band’s name, with Bernd’s permission. Reactions have been few, but flattering. I, for one, am very happy about how the song turned out, and I desperately wish more people would take notice when I release new music, but there are almost no people who know I even exist. So I’m thinking about starting more blogs on topics I have opinions about in order to build up notoriety. The more my self-esteem increases, the less awkward it feels to me to promote myself and my work. And my self-esteem has been increasing a lot lately.
Anyway, I sense a wealth of opportunities lying in front of me right now, and I like how that feels.