Exhausted. Blissful?

There’s this new thing in my life I’ve been getting familiar with during the last three weeks: being dead tired at the end of the day. Every single day.
Today I managed to finish recording a song of mine. At this point it probably just needs a couple of hours of mixing, then it’ll be done. I’ve recorded this one on my own, so when it’s done, I’ll make music with Bernd again. My head is full of ideas. I’m just a bit short on time. There’s only this two hour window in the evenings when I feel I can make some noise without upsetting the neighbours, and usually I have to run errands during that time. But it’s doable. Step by step. I work quickly now, because I don’t obsess over little things as much as I used to. I embrace flaws, even. I have to, or else I’d never get anything done.
I don’t want to go to bed yet or do anything passive like reading a book or watching TV. But I’m too tired really to do anything else.
I think my allergy is starting to act up. From what I’ve heard, this year is gonna get ugly for the pollen plagued.