Month: April 2011

  • First week in Vienna

    My first week in Vienna has been amazing. I regret not taking this step earlier in my life. I was too scared, but there isn’t really that much to be scared of. Right now I’m a bit overwhelmed by the impressions my brain has to cope with. I’ve hardly ever felt more alive and invigorated. […]

  • First day of work

    Time passed rather quickly, which is a good sign I guess. Sliced a couple of PSD files and wrote the HTML markup and the stylesheets. I was very focused and concentrated. My brain has had a real workout. I don’t know if my work is any good yet, as noone had the time to take […]

  • Detoxification Day 2

    Worked out a bit. Drinking lots of water. Feeling very clear-headed. A nice change after feeling extremely fatigued all day yesterday. I’ll go to Vienna today and spend the rest of the week there. First day at work tomorrow. First week in my future apartment. Excited.

  • Detoxification

    I’ve been partying and enjoying myself a lot in the last few weeks. This has taken a toll on my mind, my body, and my account balance. I am going to live more or less clean for a month. I’ve got a big workload in front of me, with beginning a new job in a […]