Month: March 2011

  • I’m just glad I’ll never get pregnant

    Felt sick in the morning, so I slept in till 11:30am, then gave English lessons in the afternoon. I installed a lot of stuff on my laptop’s new hard disk while reading Steve Krug’s “Don’t make me think” (an excellent—and short—read for anyone who makes websites). I think I’ll be able to continue working on […]

  • Women who put up with me are winning

    Worked out some, studied a lot, tought guitar, cleaned my room, had a chat with my brother, bought a pair of nice sneakers for cheap (because my old ones have completely disintegrated). Got a lot of stuff done today. I’m in a good mood. Received a letter from an American friend today. She’s currently in […]

  • I got drunk, and then I rested.

    Four days of not doing anything meaningful had left me depressed. But today I pulled myself together and actually got some things done again, which elevated my mood some. I replaced the broken hard disk in my computer the other day. Everything seems to be working fine now (*knock-on-wood*). I still have to install quite […]

  • I am not insane.

    Three hours of tutoring in the afternoon. Studied acountancy till about 9:30pm. Then listened to some Blues Explosion on vinyl and Wipers on CD. Went to pub and got drunk on beers, Single-Malt and schnapps, having fun with friends. Good times. My cat is doing great. We should have let her teeth pulled years ago. […]

  • As per usual

    Studied a lot today while trying to keep myself from procrastinating. Had my morning workout in the afternoon. Cleaned my room a bit. Feeling a bit anxious and insecure in-between being at peace with myself. Also, a bit depressed and overstrained. I think it’s because I’m trying really hard and not seeing immediate results. New […]

  • I are very important

    Workout in the morning, cleaning room for half an hour, studying accountancy (I’m slowly getting the hang of it), returning books I had borrowed from the library, doing some silly stuff. A friend just called and told me he had VIP-tickets for the soccer game tonight, so I’ll go and get to drink a variety […]