Taking one of my annual “baths”

I’ve changed my morning workout routine from 45 minutes of steady cardio to about 15 minutes interval training, which is much more intense and saves me lots of time.
Studied accountancy for a couple of hours. Then I bought a bag of various sorts of salad leafs and a can of tuna. I tossed all of it into a big bowl and added some self-made vinaigrette. It was good and I was very pleased with myself after eating it all up.
Then I dilly-dallied for a while, bought a pack of felt-tip pens and pondered some. I also cleaned up my room a bit.
In the evening I studied computer networks for a couple of hours. Accountancy and computer networks. Those subjects I failed last time. Not going to happen again.
After that I called my sister-in-law to wish her a happy birthday. It felt good to talk to a sane person. Then I took a hot bath. There were some bubbles involved. Yay!
I ordered a new hard disk drive yesterday. Hopefully it will be delivered soon.
I am going to watch “In Treatment” today on German TV. I was totally hooked on that show during last summer. I loved Alison Pill as April and Mia Wasikowska as Sophie. The rest of the acting was top-notch as well, but I guess I have a weakness for damsels in distress (when they also exhibit strength and grace at the same time). Now I want to see how well the acting was preserved in the dubbed version. I hope I won’t regret this.
Did not do my Spanish vocabulary drill today because my database of words went with my hard disk. Okay, that’s a lie. I have it in my Dropbox. But I didn’t want to install Dropbox on one of my father’s machines just to get to them. Maybe I will do it nonetheless tomorrow. We’ll see.
It just came to me that I don’t need to install Dropbox. They have a web interface. So no excuses for tomorrow!