Technical roadblocks thwarting my ambitions

Today I got out of bed at 5am because I had woken up and couldn’t fall asleep again. I had a rich breakfast, read the news and then went working on the song I want to finish recording and mixing this week. Shortly after I sat down and turned on my PC I was greeted with a couple of BSODs announcing page fault errors, so I decided to pave my system and reinstall Windows, which took me half a day. Bummer.
Around noon I finally started working and made some good progress. I was mostly comping the bass and the guitar tracks, then exporting and reimporting them into a new project for mixing. Boring work, but I quickly got a great sounding rough mix going, which was really exciting after doing no music production for so long. The vocals are still missing, so I’ll try recording them tomorrow.
In the evening I visited my friend Lukas and he showed me pictures of his recent trip to Cuba. When I went home there were a bunch of fire engines in front of the Asian restaurant in his street. Fire fighters were positioning flood lights on the sidewalk while a crowd of spectators was beginning to form. There was a tense vibe in the air. I didn’t want to stay and stare, so I kept walking. But I did call my friend Lukas and told him what’s happening. I asked him to ask his girlfriend’s brother-in-law about it sometime, since he’s a member of the local fire brigade. By the looks of it, someone had fallen into a manhole, but I wasn’t really able to see what was going on. I hope it’s nothing too serious.
The flashes of the sirens at night and the awkward silence of the onlookers were creepy as hell.