How I locked myself out of the Internet

Today I got up at 6:30am, did cardio from 6:45am till 8:00am, finished having breakfast at about 8:30am and then started studying for my law exam which takes place in two weeks. I really did nothing else today except for some cooking and giving a private lesson. I’m dead tired.
A couple of weeks ago I installed a tiny and fabulous app on my notebook called RescueTime. It tracks all activities and then presents the results graphically. It’s shocking really. It also has a “Get Focused”-Mode, which I have tried today for the first time. It blocks websites that are deemed unproductive. It’s less of a hassle than editing the hosts file of the operating system, but it’s still enough of a hassle (and reminder) to be effective. It saved my ass today several times. I had a roll.
I am going to work really hard for college till the end of the semester. But I also want to release a new song at the end of every month. I am willing to spend less time with friends in order to achieve this, but maybe that won’t be necessary, provided I finally grok how to keep random distractions throughout the day at a minimum.