Month: February 2011

  • Taking one of my annual “baths”

    I’ve changed my morning workout routine from 45 minutes of steady cardio to about 15 minutes interval training, which is much more intense and saves me lots of time. Studied accountancy for a couple of hours. Then I bought a bag of various sorts of salad leafs and a can of tuna. I tossed all […]

  • Hard disk dead, frustration ahead

    My hard disk drive has died. Fortunately, I was able to save my work from the last few days. Unfortunately, I lost lost quite a bit of graphic design work and some other stuff which I foolishly did not back up for a couple of months, but it’s not as if anybody else but me […]

  • My throat is sore and my ears are ringing

    Recorded some vocal tracks today, figured out how to sing additional layers. Nailed some, failed some. Will redo some of them tomorrow, if possible. I’ve got to be present at some lectures this weekend, which will use up all of Friday and most of Saturday. I hope I can finalize the mix on Sunday.

  • Technical roadblocks thwarting my ambitions

    Today I got out of bed at 5am because I had woken up and couldn’t fall asleep again. I had a rich breakfast, read the news and then went working on the song I want to finish recording and mixing this week. Shortly after I sat down and turned on my PC I was greeted […]

  • Returning from week long stupor

    After a week of alternately binging on Scotch and Tequila I’m back to work, trying to establish a somewhat prolific existence. On Monday next week I’d like to release the next Colombin song, which will be tough if I want to have it mastered in time. We recorded most of this song last Summer, but […]

  • Death’s around the corner

    Today I realized that my cat Suzie, with whom I’ve interacted in some way or another every day for the last 16 years, is soon going to die of old age. She barely eats anymore, and she’s very weak. She’s just sitting there, facing the living room, as if she were trying to draw a […]

  • How I locked myself out of the Internet

    Today I got up at 6:30am, did cardio from 6:45am till 8:00am, finished having breakfast at about 8:30am and then started studying for my law exam which takes place in two weeks. I really did nothing else today except for some cooking and giving a private lesson. I’m dead tired. A couple of weeks ago […]